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What is Sonic Branding? definition and meaning

Sonic Branding /ˌsɑː.nɪk ˈbræn.dɪŋ/ is the use of special sound to trigger vivid memories, to identify and advertise brand, so that when you hear the sound, you think of the brand. 

What is Sonic Branding and what can do for you and your brand?

With development of media and the evolution of our audio-visual technology people are constantly
what is sonic branding
bombarded with audio from all directions every day which means it's becoming more difficult to be heard as if you take a coincidence.

However there is a way to stand out it's a well-known fact that distinguished companies are expressing their own corporate communications with both - visual logo and style, but what about consistency and hearing?

It's well known fact that sound is a strong memory retention, because it heightens the brain's ability to recall information.

For example sometimes you can tell what an object is just by the sound mix and by using only a few sounds it's possible for you to hear what time of day it is, and hearing specific music we might create an alarming situation or put you in an entertaining place. Sounds can also take us two different locations all over the world, certain sounds can even make it seem as if you're dreaming or tell you to wake up.
Sonic Branding Infographic

Brands can take advantage of the sanctuary in the brain by using their own sound as part of their corporate communications, some brands already used the power of a sound logo, some even use a complete song to base their logo on.
There are many ways to use sonic branding let's take a brand sound logo and examine a few basic aspects imagine this:

  • sound logo
  • brand uses a friendly voiceover
  • expand the sound logo to a corporate loop and combine this with the voice for the phone
  • or more acoustic version for the ambient sound in their business around
  • brand can use a contemporary soundtrack for its TV commercial or maybe add it's voice over to explain some details like news. product, website or other information
  • brand can also think of having their own song at a company event or at a club night or even in a sponsored festival
  • or maybe they'd like to reach a completely different audience

these decisions depend on the brand's marketing strategy so if you take these sonic expressions, match them with the brand values and use them in a consistent way at the right places then
sound becomes an indispensable part of the corporate identity, moreover

  • 79% of Europeans recognize the nokia ringtone and associate the tone with the brand 
  • AT&T found that when put on silent holds nearly 60% of all callers hang up
  • advertisements with music that fit the brand are 96% more likely to be remembered than those with non fit music
  • respondents are 34% percent more likely to purchase the product in an ad which featured fit music rather than on fit music

With all this information in mind I truly believe that sound is an indispensable component of your brand.
I would like to thank you for your honorable attention and if you want to learn more about Sonic Branding, see my list of books.




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